Friday, May 22, 2009


This senior was referred to me by one of my biggest cheerleaders!! Thank you, B.G!! It is very much appreciated.
'A', you are a classic beauty! I rushed right home to look at them and couldn't wait to put some up on the blog. I hope you like them!! 'A' is headed to the University of Illinois this fall to become a veterinarian. I've been so blessed to have been given the opportunity to take pictures of not only beautiful seniors this year, but intelligent ones too! Thanks 'M' family!! She's got a bright future!
P.S. I'm saving the mother/daughter pictures for your proof book. They'll be a surprise. :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mr. D

Could this little man be ANY cuter? He was ADORABLE...not to mention he behaved VERY WELL!! He was such a trooper. That being said, he does hold the world record for the most 'accidents' EVER in my newborn portrait experiences. 8 TIMES...I think he got his Dad, 5 of those times. E & C, your patience and persistence paid off. The pictures look great! I hope you enjoy your sneak peak!!
P.S. Thanks S, B & G for sending the adorable new family my way. You are too kind!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Senior Cousin

She's "UCLA" bound and she's my cousin! We had an adventure...but she survived! She was a good sport throughout the process...even when I was being silly to get her laughing! I haven't loaded the pictures of her standing in the middle of a creek yet, but if they turn out...I'll post them as well! )

Sunday, May 10, 2009


This is my cousin's dear friend who wanted to take her senior pictures with me, too! :) We fought the elements...wind, sun and attack geese, but we survived. This was a fun photo shoot because Sam and 'S' shared an appointment and even jumped in for a few 'friend' shots. I loved listening to their bantering back and was a fierce competition to see who could out 'model' the other! I think it's a tie! They were both amazing!

Sam. I. Am.

My curly-q cousin is a senior. This certainly made me feel old. Lately, I haven't feel that old when I take senior pictures, but today was quite different. She's all grown up with adult goals and a direction in life. She is still a silly kid and we certainly have the same sense of humor. (It runs in the family.) Anyhow, she's all grown up and looking as adorable as ever! Her personality certainly shines through in these!! I hope you like them, kid! :)

Did I happen to mention she's going to college on a running scholarship!?

Thursday, May 7, 2009


'T,' you were such a trooper! I'm so glad that the weather held up for us because you rocked the shoot. These are amazing! You looked beautiful. I hope you and your mom had as much fun as I did. Even sitting in a broken window frame, with glass and were still smiling! Hopefully you think that all your hard work paid off. I do.