Saturday, January 7, 2012

Owen Turns 1!

The youngest of the brood.

Mr. Owen finally turned 1 on Christmas Eve!

Let's just say he wasn't a fan of having his pictures taken, but he sure did like the cake!

(That runs in the family!!)

Happy birthday, Owen!!

My {Favorite} Girl

She's the only girl on my side of the family.

She's a girl after my own heart.

She's a devil in disguise.

Maybe that's why I love her so much.

She's a rough, tough and loves wrestling with her boy cousins and brothers.

She's a girly girl, too!

She loves shoes, accessories and princesses.

She's the only girl on my side of the family!! She's got to be tough!

She's two.

She's ABBY!

CLASS OF 2012 - Simple.

I am in love with the way these turned out! C.J., you looked beautiful!! I love how everything is simple, rustic and YOU! The setting was perfect. Your clothing choice was PERFECT. I'm so glad you liked them!! It makes me feel VERY old realizing that I've known you and your family since you were in ELEMENTARY school!! I wish you the VERY BEST in your future!!

Seniors!! Class of 2012!!

I love taking senior pictures!! These are just a couple of a GREAT girl, from a WONDERFUL family...graduating this year and headed to A GREAT SCHOOL in the fall!! Loved hanging out with you, M.K.!! You're GORGEOUS!!


I got to take pictures of a VERY graceful ballerina! Totally not the 'norm' for me, but when you are this pretty, it makes photography VERY easy! :) Good luck at senior audtions!!