Saturday, July 31, 2010

Meet Zoe's Parents....

Zoe is still tucked away, snug inside her mom's tummy, safe and sound.
Before she can make her grand entrance, Jessica and Gil wanted to take pictures to remember this moment. I can't wait to meet the baby. If she takes after her mom, we will have gorgeous baby pictures in a few short weeks.
P.S. Thanks for making the long trek to see me.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ol' Blue Eyes

Look out Frank Sinatra!
This little man has some SERIOUS killer blues and a fun personality to go along with it!
I know I take pictures like this a lot...but I can't stop myself.
There is something about a picture where their little faces fill the frame and their eyes just sparkle. These are my favorites because I feel like I'm looking at them and not a picture. 'R' has the most amazing blue eyes and this one really shows just how great they are!!

Baby Reagan...

This baby... now this big wONEderful girl.

Reagan is a typical one year old...on the loose. She was a flurry of motion the entire two hours I followed her around. She didn't slow down for a second. Not even for her cupcake. She had a wonderful personality and truthfully, just didn't want to be bothered by me.

Happy 1st Birthday, Reagan!!

Three. Hot. Boys.

Take a 90 degree day, throw in tons of humidity and three boys who don't want their pictures taken...and look at the miracles we found!! Some of the lighting in the backyard made for VERY sparkly eyes and a bit of shade coverage! I usually don't sweat a lot...but this session had me a MESS. These boys made me work!! Good thing I'm good friends with their mom...I wouldn't do that for just anyone!
Enjoy, Kelley and Rick!
This is my favorite!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Abby -- Part 2

Here are just a couple more from our second session with Miss Abigail!

I LOVE this girls eyes!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Abby -- Part 1

Here are Abby's 9 month pictures...PART ONE! We'll be doing more on Sunday. Abby is about 9 and a half months old! She's sitting in her great great grandma's suitcase, who shares her middle name, Grace. I love the family connection here!! These are quite possibly my favorites that I have EVER taken, but I think I say that everytime!
This chair is also her Great Great Grandma's. I'll be using this LOTS more, I think!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

"H" Family

As a Mother's Day gift, Mrs. H was surprised with a family photo session from her family. We also got to take a couple of their son who will be graduating from college soon. I took over 300 pictures, so here are just a couple for you to enjoy until I got through ALL of them! :)

Friday, July 2, 2010


Waiting for baby!
I haven't been asked to do many maternity portraits. This was my first one in FOUR years, but it was much easier than I had anticipated. It makes it even easier when the momma's belly is a perfectly round little ball! Katie is due on the 4th of July and is looking forward to having their little girl soon! Good luck and congratulations, Steve and Katie!