Friday, May 13, 2011

Baby Collin

I can't believe I've never added these! This is Collin at just a few days old. I put some pictures of him on my Facebook page, but completely forgot about my blog! SORRY!! Seriously. How cute is this little man!?! He almost made me want to try for baby #3, but then I figured that between time and $$ that was not an option! Good thing I get to take pictures of these sweet is a way for me to get over wanting my own!! :)

Eli & Abby

Here are just two of the pictures I took of Eli and Abby to tide my mom over until I proof more!! Love the idea of using a chalkboard for remembering how old everyone was!! :)

Owen - 3 Months (err, 4!)

It's true...the more kids you have, the less pictures you take of the youngest! I've been busy, as well as my sister-in-law, so getting together to take three kids' pictures, proves to be quite difficult. We did manage to snap a couple of my youngest nephew, Owen. He's 4 months old, but for tradition's sake, let's just say these are his THREE MONTH pictures!! :)

He sure is a smiley little man!!

Olivia - Class of 2011

When you live in a small town and never leave, you'll eventually meet everyone or they may already know YOU! :) Olivia and her family have known people in my family for a LONG time. I just had the privilege of meeting them this week! {You guys were great!!} Olivia is a budding fashionista and a fantastic subject to photograph! All of her pictures look amazing and it was quite hard to pick my favorites for the blog!

Thanks again, 'M' family for driving us around town! I had a wonderful time! It was great to finally meet you!! :)

Miss "B"

I've never done a First Communion pictures before, so this was my first attempt! :) Since the weather was sooo crazy this spring, we opted for an indoor and more traditional session. We didn't fare too badly, considering we were done in less than 30 minutes. Miss B went to school with my son almost 5 years ago and just became a big sister for the first time this past week!! What a big week for their family!! Congratulations on the First Communion and the new baby boy!! I can't wait to meet him! :)